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Designer and manufacturer of buttons and buckles for clothing

A permanent alliance between design, craftsmanship know-how and industrial processes

Thanks to its years of experience in cottage-industry turning, the company has been able to pass down and conserve this trade stamped with tradition. This know-how has been enhanced as the years have passed through experience and the arrival of new technologies.

To make our products, it is necessary to combine specialised skills and know-how: chemistry for plastics and certain finishes, sound experience for the selection of natural materials, tradition for turning and polishing, IT for customisation and laser-cutting, precision for digital turning and colourimetry for dyeing.

Based on the drawings of our design studio and coordinated by our design engineering department, this know-how allows us to make 1000 unique products each year.

Our skills are also at your service to provide you with "tailor-made" products, whatever the material, shape or customisation technique.