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Designer and manufacturer of buttons and buckles for clothing

The company was founded in 1958.

It started business producing horn-turned items. Its first products were pearls, buttons and tips for car windscreen wipers (for Citroën).

As the years passed, the company specialised in producing buttons, first of all in horn then made of other natural materials like wood and mother of pearl.

In the middle of the nineteen-sixties, production expanded to take in plastics, acetate and acrylic. It was again enhanced in the nineteen-eighties with polyester and casein. At the same time, the company developed its facilities with the most recent technology, switching from cottage industry level manufacturing to industrial production.

Brochot today boasts the most recent technology, in particular laser-cutting equipment, laser-marking apparatus and digital turning tools. Its products are sold throughout the world thanks to its network of subsidiaries and sales offices.